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Custom Play CASH 50 Dollar Bill

Regular price $37.50
Custom Play CASH 50 Dollar Bill
All orders are booked and shipped on a date needed basis. We know the importance of planning an event so please order/plan accordingly.
Your order will ship the same week of your selected date. Orders ship the beginning of the week typically Monday through Wednesday.

We strongly recommend selecting a date that is 1-2 weeks before your event date. We do not recommend selecting the same weekend as your event as we are not responsible for any delays that may occur.

The name/text will be placed under the photo in the middle.
You can change the serial numbers and add the initials plus birthday or any custom letter/numbers.

Customize your play CASH for your next event for extra FUN and make it rain!
They are printed as the same size as the real bills and are double sided.
You can add a photo, logo, and custom wording. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, business events/promos, as a gift and so much more. You can even customize these as invitations and thank you cards.

Custom band included. 

You have the option to change the color on the bills (example, pink, purple, blue etc.)


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